Wood-working tools
Flat knives with rectilineal cutting edges for ABRIHT machines.
Flat chipper knives, counter-knives and supporters for them for initial, secondary chipping into small pieces and grinding of wood for machines of the companies PALLMANN, HOMBAK, FERRARI, KOFAMA, PESSA, KLOCKNER, NORMAN, etc. Knives and counter-knives for unrolling machines type SHELL up to 1250 mm length.
Band saws, including bands for cutting of wood, cloth, plastic foam, meat, fish.
Hand wood-working tools of the type chisel and planes. Knives for el.hand portable machines.

Tools used in cellulose and paper industry
Flat and disk knives used for cutting and cutting out of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other similar articles.
Flat and disk knives for perforating.
Knives for cutting in polygraphy and doctor blades for removing of varnish layer and ink.

Tools for food industry
The tools for food industry are made of stainless steel and include mainly tools for cutting of bread, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

Tools for tobacco industry
Flat knives for cutting of tobacco on HAUNI and LEGG machines.
Knives for removing of tobacco ribs.

Tools for packing machines and knives for cutting of thin materials /foil/
Flat knives with rectilineal cutting edge and cogged knives for VEROMA, ROVEMA, NAGEMA machines and others.

Tools for cutting of metal products
Flat knives for guillotines.
Flat knives comb-shaped for making of gratings.
Disk knives for cutting out of tapes.
Blades for mechanical hack-saw.

Tools for textile and knitting machines
Flat and disk knives for cutting of cloth on KURIS, HODS, WOLF machines and others.
Cutting off knives, nippers and holders for knitting machines.

Special products and tools
Bodies for diamond disks up to 600 mm.
Lamellae /plates for vacuum pumps/.
Valves and valve plates for compressors.
Disks ans lamellae for connectors.